With most forms of media, selling it usually requires some sort of licensing agreement. Through Private Label VR, we take care of making the agreements... most of the time. Below is a description of how licensing works with our system - the specifics, the exceptions, and so on:

  1. Most games, like Arizona Sunshine, run on a "per-minute" model. With these games, you only need to request the keys, enter them into your Steam accounts, and you're good to go!
  2. Some games, like LightBlade VR, are a "one-time" purchase - Meaning, you would pay for it as if you were a home-VR user, buying it for yourself. Most of the time, these games do not have additional per-minute licensing fees. Some of these titles are even free, like The Lab.
  3. Next, you have Steam Licenses. There are typically 2 types of licenses here, but both must be purchased through the Steam Licensing Program (See training videos on "Cyber Cafe" for more information)
  • Some Steam licenses, like Job Simulator, operate similarly to example #2 - While you still must purchase it through Steam Licensing, it is only a one-time purchase and is entirely free to use thereafter.
  • Most Steam Licenses, however, feature a monthly flat booth fee. In other words, you will be paying $X/month for each copy of the game you obtain. No additional per-minute costs are included.

Keep in mind, all of these titles work through the Private Label VR System, Time Clock, and Game Chooser. Time Clock will NOT charge you for Steam-licensed games, it only assists in tracking and recording time for back-end use and analytics.

The Game Store in your License Portal will have an explanation attached to each game, explaining how pricing is determined and how to acquire that game. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us as well.