With most forms of media, selling content usually requires some sort of licensing agreement. Through Private Label VR, we take care of making the agreements with every single game developer so you don't have to... most of the time. Below is a description of how licensing works with our system - the specifics, the exceptions, and so on:

  1. Most games, like Arizona Sunshine Arcade, run on a "per-minute" model. With these games, you only need to request the keys, enter them into your Steam accounts, and you're good to go!
  2. Some games, like LightBlade VR, are a "one-time" purchase or download - Meaning, you will pay for a regular copy of it on Steam as if you were buying it personally. Most of the time, these games do not have additional per-minute licensing fees. Some of these titles are 100% free, like The Lab.
  3. Next, you have Steam Commercial Licenses. These will show up with a red thumbnail in your License Portal that says "Steam License." We do not collect any fees for playing these games, all fees are paid directly through Steam. These titles must be purchased through the Steam Licensing Program (See training videos on "Cyber Cafe" for more information) - this option will NOT show up on Steam if you haven't set up your Steam account for Cyber Cafe.

Important Notes and Clarifications:

  • "Initial Price"/"One-time Purchase" games are NOT the same as Steam Commercial Licenses. If the Game Store shows a game with an initial price, all you need to do is buy a regular copy. If the Game Store shows a game with a "Steam License", you MUST set up your Steam account for Cyber Cafe to use that game.
  • All of these titles will work through the Private Label VR System, Time Clock, and Game Chooser. Time Clock will NOT charge you for Steam-Licensed games, it only assists in tracking and recording time for back-end use and analytics. Time Clock will, however, charge you for all per-minute licensed titles.
  • With the exception of Steam Commercial Licenses, you may see combinations of the above pricing models in the Game Store. For example, you may see a title with an initial price (buy a normal copy on Steam), AND an additional per-minute price. You may see others that require keys with no additional per-minute costs, and so on.

The Game Store in your License Portal will have an explanation attached to each game, explaining how pricing is determined and how to acquire that game.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!