Most of our titles are accessed directly through Steam, and the process is quite simple - You request keys, you get keys, you install the keys, and you're ready to play! Some titles, however, are not on Steam, making the process a little more tricky - though not by much. We're here to show you the process so you can have access to fantastic Non-Steam games!

No matter how the game is accessed, the process ALWAYS involves putting the actual game files in a particular spot.

The process is as follows:

1) On your computer, go to This PC and double-click on the drive you want your non-steam games to be installed in - Usually the larger of your drives.

2) In the drive, create a new folder called "Non-Steam Games" - minimize this.

3) Launch Time Clock, and click the Settings icon.

4) At the bottom, you'll see a Base Folder option for Non-Steam Games - Hit "Browse" and locate the folder you just created - Select it and make sure it's the one shown in the text box.

5) Close Time Clock

6) Identify the "Non-Steam" game you would like to have.

7) Download the game to your computer (Some of these are in your Shared Google Folder, like Brosaurus Wrecks - others need to be downloaded through 3rd-party Game Launchers, like Ubisoft's Space Junkies, which is downloaded through U-Play. If you need assistance with obtaining a particular game, please contact us).

8) Identify the folder that contains the game's executable (.exe) and data files - this folder will almost always contain at least 2 items - the (game).exe file, and an additional folder containing the game's data - The folder that contains these 2 items is the one you want.

9) Cut the folder, and paste it into your newly-created "Non-Steam Games" folder (again, you MUST cut the single folder containing both of the items mentioned in Step 8 - there may be more items in that folder, but those 2 must be present).

From this point, the process is like any other game.

10) In your License Portal, add the game to your Game Chooser like you would with a normal game.

11) Launch Time Clock, and you should be good to go!