Virtual Reality attractions are still somewhat difficult to feature without a little hands-on assistance from employees. The quality of this assistance will be one of the largest and strongest determinants of your ROI. Here are some tips to consider:

1) The location of your arcade has a significant impact. First-time VR players typically will not make a dedicated trip to a VR arcade to try it, they need to see it while passing by and be "lured" in. Ensuring your facility is in a high-foot traffic area will ensure best results. Consider the option of "remote booths" as well - booths that you can travel with, host remote events with, and so on. These are a hit.

2) Arguably the most important point - The more efficiently you can manage time and cost and understand their direct relationship, the better. DO NOT spend 10 minutes teaching someone a game they’ll be playing for 5 minutes. Conversely, you may want to spend some good time with someone who just purchased an entire hour for themselves. Teach someone just enough for them to have a good, memorable time.

3) ...But don't go overboard. People LOVE to discover things for themselves, and if employees can teach them just enough about a game to enable them to discover the rest in an intuitive manner, they are MUCH more likely to come back.

4) Spend the busy weekend hours focusing on getting large amounts of people through, and spend the slower weekday hours focusing on customer service and retention. In other words, weekends=quantity, weekdays=quality.

5) Let your employees play the games! It may seem like a waste of time, but there are few more efficient marketing techniques than an employee playing an action-packed game in the booth closest to the store entrance when it is slow. Not to mention, it is crucial that your employees know and understand the games thoroughly.