CONTROLLER Troubleshooting

Before fulfilling a warranty, customer must complete this checklist in order to verify the unit is truly broken. When checklist is complete and the unit remains unresponsive, customer must submit an in-depth report on the specific problem - including error logs, pop-up messages, and as much detail as possible to allow for further in-depth troubleshooting and/or to verify broken state of unit before warranty is fulfilled.

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Controller Not Connected

If you find that your controller is not connected or showing green on the SteamVR icon:

  • If Blue

When the controller LED is solid blue, controller is not connecting to the PC successfully. You will need to pair or re-pair your controller to the computer.

  1. While SteamVR is launched, click on the down arrow next to SteamVR
  2. Navigate up to Devices
  3. Select Pair Controller
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions
  • If Red

If the controller's LED is solid red and the controller is unresponsive, try resetting it.

  1. Simultaneously press and hold the trigger, menu button, track-pad button, and grip buttons
  2. Keeping these buttons held, plug your controller into your PC via microUSB.
  3. After plugging it in, wait five seconds and then release the buttons. Your PC will appear to find a new storage device. ignore this prompt and unplug the controller.
  4. After this, the controller will be reset, and should now be working properly.
  • If light is not on

If the LED is displaying no color, that means the controller is not turned on. Press and hold the system button located below the touch pad. If the controller still doesn't turn on, this means your controller is dead and needs to be charged using a microUSB cable.

  1. Orange - The controller is charging.
  2. Green - Fully charged, controller turned on.
  3. White - Fully charged, controller turned off but still plugged in.

  • Hard Resetting Controllers

It's rare, but if your HTC Vive Controllers have been known to become unresponsive and fail to connect to the headset, you may need to attempt a hard reset.

  1. Hold down the Trigger, Menu Button, Trackpad click, and Grip buttons simultaneously on the unresponsive controller.
  2. While keeping the above buttons held down, connect the controller to a PC, via a micro USB cord.
  3. Wait for 5 seconds.
  4. Release the buttons.
  5. Unplug the micro USB cord.

Additional Tips:

  • Ensure the controller is fully-charged
  • Ensure the controller is up-to-date on firmware (An "i" symbol will appear in SteamVR on the specific unit if it is out of date).
  • Attempt to pair controller by plugging it directly into computer via USB (the same cable used to charge it) - Make sure SteamVR is on.
  • Cross-check - Attempt to pair the controllers in another booth (must turn off that booth's controllers first), and another booth's controllers in the original booth.
  • Attempt to identify if a specific button is not working - An internal ribbon cable may have been knocked loose.